Wild Life Bakery

Albert St, Brunswick

Images—Lauren Bamford

Nestled in the back streets of East Brunswick, the stark industry of a mechanic’s warehouse has been thoughtfully remade as a vibrant, light and graphic bakery, helmed by Huw Murdoch.

Our design approach for Wild Life Bakery blends functionality, history and the bakers narrative, with the existing material conditions of the warehouse acting as a backdrop to a series of zones that use material and circular motifs to divide retail from cafe, and cafe from bakery.

Scratched bluestone and gum tree greens contrast with the original orangey red brick, and large circular openings to the kitchen pass and bakery allow you to sip coffee and watch the bakers industriously producing delicious loves and pastries. Both material choice and circular form directly reference the history of the baker’s profession, recalling granite grinding wheels traditionally used to turn grain into flour.