Naughton's Hotel

Royal Pde, Parkville

At nearly 150 years of age, Naughtons is one of the city’s longest-running continually licenced watering holes and one that can genuinely claim institutional status. In a colourful, eventful life it’s been fertile ground for politics, student life and not least the legions of Carlton Football Club’s faithful followers who are now reclaiming it as the unofficial home of the Blues.

The winds of change in architectural fashions had seen the building’s period character eroded. The brief was to pull back over a century’s worth of additions, quick fixes and band-aid solutions, and restore the pub’s original essence with a sensitive contemporary touch. Respecting the architectural heritage went hand-in-hand with acknowledging the history of the venue and its community’s heartfelt loyalty, while delivering comfortable and logical spaces that support the current-day clientele and staff requirements.

This intersection between Victorian heritage and modern-day life was a key source of inspiration. Original embellishment is flattered by simple detailing and modest ornamentation. Contemporary materials, textures and bold colour saturation that nods to Melbourne’s leafy boulevards were the foils that instilled a relaxed, accessible character. The intention of the spaces, combined with the client’s warm hospitality, is to make guests feel as comfortable as they do in their own backyard.